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  • Spray Bamboo Bottle
    Spray Bamboo Bottle
    This spray bamboo bottle are new developped by our designers recently. For spray kind of bamboo bottle, we use glass bottle innner to confirm the liquid would not leak from the bamboo. With natural bamboo outside, this spray bamboo bottle would looks...
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  • Bamboo Lotion Bottle
    Bamboo Lotion Bottle
    This bamboo lotion bottle is made by three high quality materials, they are glass body, aluminum lotion top and natural bamboo packagings. The capacity is 30ml, which is most suitable for sunscreen cream,hand cream,BB cream and so on. The cap of this ...
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  • 10ml Bamboo Roller Bottle
    10ml Bamboo Roller Bottle
    This 10ml bamboo roller bottle is made by high quality glass and real bamboo, which has roll on cap, can be used for essential oil, serum, perfume, lip oil and so on. With bamboo packaging outside, the product would be more luxury and natural. People...
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  • Bamboo Roller Bottle
    Bamboo Roller Bottle
    This bamboo roller bottle is made by glass bottle and bamboo packagings. And the roller has two options, one is glas roller, the other one is stell roller. And the bamboo roller bottle has different capacities, they are 3ml, 5ml, 10ml and 15ml. In...
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  • Bamboo Pump Glass Bottle
    Bamboo Pump Glass Bottle
    This bamboo pump glass bottle is widely used for emulsion, lotion,body cream and so on. The cover and pump head is made of natural bamboo, the glass body is matt. Why we will use matt surface for glass body? Most of girls use it for body or washing, and it...
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  • Black Glass Bottle
    Black Glass Bottle
    This black glass bottle are mainly used for essential oil or serum. The dropper cap is made by bamboo.And the bottle is black. Why we use black color for the glass bottle? A lot of essential oil or liquid medicine can not be under sunshine directly, our...
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  • Bamboo Essential Oil Bottle
    Bamboo Essential Oil Bottle
    This is bamboo essential oil bottle is widely used in essential oil. As we all know that, bamboo material is really good for environment, and the logner we use, the better bmaboo looks. Adding the bamboo material into essential oil bottle makes it look...
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  • Bamboo Dropper Bottle
    Bamboo Dropper Bottle
    This is bamboo dropper bottle is widely used for essential oil,serum and so on. As we can see from picture, the dropper is made by natural bamboo, the burette is made by glass, both of them are environmentally friendly. This bottle has different capacity...
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  • 50ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    50ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    ​This 50ml bamboo pump bottle is a hot selling product of our bamboo packagings. A lot of companies order it from us for body lotion, skin cream, Liquid soap,Bath foam,Shampoo and so on. This bottle has total different 7 capacity, which is 30ml, 40ml,...
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  • 120ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    120ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    Introduction: The 120ml bamboo pump bottle is made by natural environment environmental bamboo material, the inner material is PET, which is used for water or good, they are all safe and environmental enough. The capacity can be 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 120ml...
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  • 40ml Bamboo Bottle
    40ml Bamboo Bottle
    This is 40ml Bamboo bottle is made by bamboo sprayer and bamboo cap with glass body. The bamboo bottle would be used for serum, moisturizer, body cream and so on. With bamboo packaging, the bottle looks very natural and environment friendly. More and more...
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  • Bamboo Lid Cosmetic Bottle
    Bamboo Lid Cosmetic Bottle
    The bamboo lid cosmetic bottle is getting more and more popular all over the world especially on Europe. The bamboo lid has different style such as bamboo pump cap, bamboo spray cap or bamboo roller cap and so on. Matte glass bottle can help Moisturizer...
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