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  • 50ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    50ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    ​This 50ml bamboo pump bottle is a hot selling product of our bamboo packagings. A lot of companies order it from us for body lotion, skin cream, Liquid soap,Bath foam,Shampoo and so on. This bottle has total different 7 capacity, which is 30ml, 40ml,...
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  • 120ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    120ml Bamboo Pump Bottle
    Introduction: The 120ml bamboo pump bottle is made by natural environment environmental bamboo material, the inner material is PET, which is used for water or good, they are all safe and environmental enough. The capacity can be 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 120ml...
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  • 40ml Bamboo Bottle
    40ml Bamboo Bottle
    This is 40ml Bamboo bottle is made by bamboo sprayer and bamboo cap with glass body. The bamboo bottle would be used for serum, moisturizer, body cream and so on. With bamboo packaging, the bottle looks very natural and environment friendly. More and more...
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  • Bamboo Lid Cosmetic Bottle
    Bamboo Lid Cosmetic Bottle
    The bamboo lid cosmetic bottle is getting more and more popular all over the world especially on Europe. The bamboo lid has different style such as bamboo pump cap, bamboo spray cap or bamboo roller cap and so on. Matte glass bottle can help Moisturizer...
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  • Bamboo Cosmetic Bottle
    Bamboo Cosmetic Bottle
    Description: This bamboo cosmetic bottle is made by glass bottle and bamboo spray cap. With the bamboo circle added on the spray cap, this bamboo bottle looks more elegant and high-end. The capacity is 40ml, our factory also produce different capacity from...
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  • Bamboo Roll On Bottle
    Bamboo Roll On Bottle
    Introduction: This bamboo roll on bottle has different sizes from 10ml to 120ml. It is used for essential oils or some skin care oils. The surface of bamboo would be more and more shiny with customer's using.So, for this bamboo roll on bottle, the...
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  • Wood Cosmetic Bottles
    Wood Cosmetic Bottles
    This bamboo cosmetic bottles are made by glass and wood. The wood is walnut, which is one kind of high quality wood. Walnut has Africa'sNan, European walnut, Royal walnut, French walnut, English walnut, Italian walnut, Ancona walnut, Circassian walnut,...
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  • Roll on Bottle
    Roll on Bottle
    Production Introduction: The roll on bottle is white glass roll on bottles with stainless steel roller balls & sliver caps. It can be perfectly applied for essential oils, perfume oils, or other liquids. This is a secure and convenient packaging....
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  • Essential Oil Bottle
    Essential Oil Bottle
    The essential oil bottle is great for storing essential oils, Dropper holder black cap is made of rubber and seals tight to prevent any leakage. Jars are detachable and reusable, they can be cleaned and washed in warm soapy water. They also are a good...
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  • Dropper Glass Bottle
    Dropper Glass Bottle
    The dropper glass bottles are made of glass and each bottle comes with a tapered high quality glass dropper. Dropper holder is made of rubber. Blue colored coated glass maintains liquids sensitive to degradation from light. Glass apothecary jars shelter...
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  • Glass Spray Bottle
    Glass Spray Bottle
    This empty glass spray bottle is made of corrosion-resistant glass which makes it thick, smooth and anti-shock, white and transparent glass bottle, with gold dust caps. Suit for applying diluted perfume, blends, or other liquids meet your needs of daily...
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  • Glass Cosmetic Bottle
    Glass Cosmetic Bottle
    The glass cosmetic bottle is green glass body and gold cap. Small and cute, excellent for travel, conveniently fits in your purse, when you have a trip, the usual big bottle is too heavy, you can pack in this small bottle, it’s not only space-saving but...
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