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Appearance inspection items of PP measuring tank

- Apr 28, 2018 -

The PP measuring tank is a kind of test that needs to be performed before it is used, because we have to make sure that it is safer and safer when it is used, so we also need to conduct a certain test on it, so we need to test it. What matters?

(1) Bubbles: The maximum allowable bubble diameter on the surface of the PP metering tank is 5mm. When there are less than 3 bubbles with a diameter of no more than 5mm per square meter, it may not be repaired. Otherwise, the bubble should be scratched and repaired.

(2) Cracks: Cracks on the surface of the corrosion-resistant layer are not allowed to have a depth of 0.5 mm or more. Cracks on the surface of the reinforcement layer have a depth of 2 mm or more.

(3) Concavity and convexity (or wrinkles): The surface of the corrosion-resistant layer should be smooth and smooth, and the thickness of the convex-concave portion of the reinforcing layer should not be greater than 20% of the thickness.

(4) Back to white: The PP measuring tank should not have whitening sites, and the maximum diameter of the reinforcing layer return zone should not exceed 50 mm.

After the PP measuring tank passed the formal inspection, we can be more assured when we use it. Well, today we are talking about this knowledge, and we do not know if everyone has learned it and hope to help everyone.