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Design and Analysis of PP Tank

- Apr 28, 2018 -

We often use PP tanks to store chemical substances such as acids, alkalis, alcohols, gases, and liquids. How well do we understand the design of the equipment? Xiaobian to introduce you briefly!

1. PP tank cans are made of 6-10mm thick PP, side boards, countertops are 8-10MM thick, backplanes are 5-6mm thick, and have excellent acid and alkali resistance;

2. The exhaust tank of the upper tank adopts a top-hat suction design and has an exhaust port with a diameter of 250mm;

3. The sink of the ventilated tank table is configured according to the user's requirements, and the installation dimensions are scientific and reasonable, and there is no air flow dead angle;

4. The storage tank body adopts gray and white plastic hinges, which has good corrosion resistance;

5. The switch of electrical equipment adopts liquid crystal control panel, including fan switch, light switch, and main power switch.

After the pre-set heating time of the PP tank is over, the plastic on the workpiece surface will reach a certain degree of melting. At this time, the workpiece is separated on both sides, the heating plate is removed, and then the two pieces are combined together when a certain welding time is reached and After the depth of welding, the entire welding process is completed.