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Detailed explanation of the production process of PP tank

- Apr 28, 2018 -

PP tanks of various specifications and models, widely used in chemical, electroplating, sewage, sewage, laboratories and certain liquids, gas transportation and storage, etc., at the same time by the user's favor and praise. The following introduces the production process of PP tanks:

1. PP tank tank production process: This product adopts the world's most advanced seamless winding superposition one-time molding technology, which can ensure that the tank body is evenly distributed, increasing its mechanical strength and safety and reliability. Through precise analysis and testing of the tank, the tank can form a scientific thin upper thick structure, the thickness can reach more than 65mm.

2. Bottom outside welding process of PP tanks: The advanced bottom-welding unit for automatic welding of the bottom of this product can realize the complete welding of large welds to ensure that the tanks do not leak under any circumstances and can be safely packed. This kind of dangerous corrosive liquid guarantees work and environmental safety. Welding specifications are performed according to the European (DVS2205) standard.

3, PP bottom tank internal measurement welding process: This product uses advanced automatic horizontal long arm extrusion rotary welding unit, one-time completion of important internal bottom tank welding work, increase the tank bottom pressure capacity to prevent leakage The emergence of the product can effectively extend the service life of the entire product for as long as 10 years, and can even reach a service life of 15 years in the static state.

The above is the specific production process of PP tanks, hoping to help users friends better understand it, if there are other problems, you can contact our factory directly.