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Overview of how PP cans should be overhauled

- Apr 28, 2018 -

How to repair PP cans

The overhaul period of the tank is generally: 60-120 days for repairs and 12 months for major repairs.

Medium repair: eliminate running, running, dripping, and leaking; clean or replace the liquid level meter repair or replace the inlet, outlet, and drain valve to clear the cooling water coil. Check repair safety valve vent flame arrestor. Repair coatings and insulation.

Major overhaul: Including the repair of the PP internal parts of the tank repair project, repairing or replacing the tube section if found cracks, severe corrosion and other parts. Repair can use polymer composite repair. According to internal and external inspection requirements, and after repair or replacement of tube sections, leak testing or hydraulic tests are required. In addition to embroidery insulation. Dispose of other problems found in the inspection of PP tanks.