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Vent hole definition of PP measuring tank

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Understanding the specific application of various parts of PP measuring tanks and mastering the methods of correctly operating the equipment are of great significance for prolonging its use time. Friends who have seen the device should have no difficulty finding out that there are a lot of vent holes above. So what is the role of this vent hole? For those who are not particularly aware of this, come and find out.

First, the vent structure should meet the requirements of the standard. Most users believe that the bleed hole is only used to release the gas in the jacket during the hydrostatic test of the glass-lined equipment. This understanding is not comprehensive for the PP metering tank. In addition to the hydraulic pressure test, the bleed holes have the following two important functions.

1. After the PP measuring tanks and other equipment are in operation for a period of time, there will be accumulation of non-condensable gases at the top, and the more they accumulate, occupy more space, thus reducing the heat transfer performance. Therefore, it is recommended that users should open the air vent to eliminate non-condensable gases after the equipment has been running for a period of time, thereby improving the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment.

2. The concentration of free H in the non-condensable gas accumulated at the top is high, and free hydrogen will permeate, diffuse, and accumulate in the metal matrix to form hydrogen gas, which will cause pressure to rise for a long time and cause the porcelain layer to burst. Therefore, the bleeder holes also have the function of protecting the equipment.

With regard to the functional function of the bleed hole of this PP measuring tank, detailed explanation has been given in the article. The equipment has such a bleed hole structure to ensure the good operation of the equipment. Based on the knowledge explained in the article, is everyone more aware of such equipment? Understand it? I hope the content of this article will help everyone.