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What are the performance parameters of PP cans?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

In order to facilitate users to buy PP cans, Xiao Bian from the pressure, temperature, diameter, volume, medium and other process parameters, to analyze the characteristics of PP cans, users can according to their actual situation, combined with the following parameters, easy to buy!

(1) Pressure:

High working pressure: It is the highest gauge pressure that the pressure vessel may reach during the normal working process. It exceeds the action that the pressure safety device will take.

Nominal pressure: A series of pressures that are summed up to a certain number of values using a standardized pressure value.

(2) Temperature: The physical quantity representing the degree of coldness and heat of the object. It is a sign of the average kinetic energy of the molecular motion of an object.

a. Design temperature: The design temperature refers to the temperature of the pressure element set under normal operating conditions and the corresponding design pressure of the pressure vessel and shall not be higher than the highest temperature that the element may reach. For metal temperatures below 0°C, The design temperature must not be lower than the lowest metal temperature that the metal can reach, ie the design temperature indicated.

b. Test temperature: refers to the metal temperature of the vessel shell during the test.

(3) Diameter: The diameter of the inner diameter, generally set, in mm.

(4) Volume: The internal volume of the pressure vessel in m3.

(5) Medium: Working substance in a pressure vessel.

The above five points are the performance parameters of PP cans. If you want to choose a suitable PP can, you must remember these two points in order to choose to polish your eyes!