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  • Small Bamboo Jar
    Small Bamboo Jar
    This small bamboo jar has only 5g capacity, which can be used for food storage such as butter,cheese.Moreover, a lot of girls use it to storage cosmetics such as lip balm,chilblain medicine and so on. It has a lot of usages and very convenient for...
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  • 60g Bamboo Jar
    60g Bamboo Jar
    Function This 60g bamboo jar is used for cosmetics, the inner material is glass, which is Food-Grade, so it is very safe for our cosmetics even for foods. Bamboo packgings with glass inner is a new developed style which is not only good for environment but...
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  • 10g Bamboo Jar
    10g Bamboo Jar
    Description: This 10g bamboo jar is made by natural bamboo and glass inner. The capacity is 10g. For this style jar, we have different capacity from 5g to 200g, and can also be customized the capacity as customer's requirements. This 10g bamboo jar is...
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  • Real Bamboo Jar
    Real Bamboo Jar
    Description: This real bamboo jar is our best quality bamboo jars so far in our company. Why we said that this is our best quality bamboo jar as far? Because this bamboo jar is different from other bamboo jars. This bamboo has beautiful bamboo grain on...
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  • 15g Bamboo Lid Jar
    15g Bamboo Lid Jar
    The 15g bamboo lid jar is used for demo cosmetics cream, such as eye cream, lip balm and so on. This small capacity is very convenient and most of customers like the bamboo lid and glass bottle. It looks very cute and be easy to carry. For manufacturer, we...
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  • 200g Bamboo Jar
    200g Bamboo Jar
    This 200g bamboo jar is designed for gel mask. Most of bamboo jars have different capacity from 10ml to 100ml.In order to make the capacity bigger and widely used on cosmetics, our design team developed this 200g bamboo jar. The inner material is aluminum,...
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  • 100g Bamboo Jar
    100g Bamboo Jar
    Description: The 100g bamboo jar, as what we saw from picture, is made by glass material body and bamboo material cap. This jar is very welcome in Canada and gets more and more popular in China. This jar is used on cosmetics especially on face cream. We...
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  • 50g Bamboo Jar
    50g Bamboo Jar
    Description: This is bamboo jar is for cosmetics such as skin cream, lip balm or blush and so on. It's made by natural bamboo, without any pollution. And the paint on surface are also made by plant. The inner material is Aluminum, it's Food-Grade....
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  • Bamboo Cosmetic Jar
    Bamboo Cosmetic Jar
    Usage: This bamboo container is applied to cosmetics such as face cream/moisturizer/facial mask and so on. As the natural bamboo, it’s Eco-Friendly Material and beneficial for skin and health. Bamboo packaging is popular all over the word especially in...
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  • Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging
    Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging
    Usage: Bamboo packaging is more and more popular in cosmetics such as facial mask or for some cream. And bamboo extract is one of the most popular ingredient in Korean skincare products. So bamboo packaging is very suitable for cosmetics. Product...
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  • Empty Bamboo Jars
    Empty Bamboo Jars
    Introduction: This empty bamboo jar is made by glass and bamboo. The glass body looks matte, which will make the whole jar looks luxury, with bamboo cap, will please people feel natural. It would be great to put your cream into it. Jar’s information: Item...
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  • Empty Bamboo Container
    Empty Bamboo Container
    Explanation: The bamboo jars are Eco-friendly, reusable and absolutely beautiful, and the material of the bamboo jar is resistant and can be molded into different shapes according to customers' needs. The client can also personalize these jars by...
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