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Advantages Of Aluminum Can Packaging

- Apr 28, 2018 -

1. Convenience: Aluminum cans are easy to store and easy to carry due to their light weight.

2. Conducive to environmental protection: waste aluminum cans can be processed to produce aluminum ingots and then aluminum cans. Therefore, it is a very environmentally friendly container material. In addition, most aluminum cans use push-pull safety pull tabs, which are not only safer when the beverage is opened, but also do not need to be discarded to cause environmental pollution.

3. High airtightness: Due to the excellent tightness of the easy-open cans, it is easier to preserve the flavor of beverages than ordinary packaging materials. The aluminum cans are used for refrigerated and normal-temperature beverage packaging and are not designed for heating, especially with carbon dioxide. The aluminum can drink is absolutely not directly heated to drink. The barrier properties of packaging containers to air and other volatile gases are important for the preservation of nutritional components and sensory qualities.