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Aluminum Can Design How To Improve The Level Of Aluminum Box

- Apr 28, 2018 -

An aluminum can, if the shape is the shape of the aluminum can, the graphic design is the aluminum can's face, clothes. How to improve the grade of iron boxes, both are indispensable.

The design of aluminum cans is divided into two parts: mold design and graphic design. The mold design determines the shape and process of aluminum cans; the graphic design determines the overall color and theme of aluminum cans, and only the two can be matched against each other to achieve the most perfect results.

The graphic design of aluminum cans should focus on the brand and use of the products, and the color matching and pattern design requirements are relatively high. The high-grade aluminum cans are simple and elegant in design.

High-grade aluminum cans design, whether it is the shape or color, are not simply relying on luxury to grandstanding, only the concept of combining products, find its essence, and design integration, in order to become an eternal classic.