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Outline The Construction Points Of Anti-corrosion Storage Tanks

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Anti-corrosion tank molds are simple, inexpensive, and easy to manufacture. They are widely used in petroleum, fire protection, and defense industries. The following points must be observed during the construction of anti-corrosion tanks:

1. Select a construction team with corresponding anticorrosion construction qualification, certain technical strength and equipment capability, and good performance;

2. The construction personnel should undergo professional technical training. The construction team should have special persons responsible for the construction of the technical quality management and safety management;

3. The anti-corrosion coating construction equipment shall meet the process performance requirements for the coating construction and comply with relevant safety regulations;

4. Before the construction, the design and technical disclosure of the construction organization shall be completed, and the approval of the project management department shall be obtained;

5. When a new anti-corrosion coating is used, the corresponding coating construction measures shall be formulated according to the technical performance and construction requirements of the new coating;

6. The personnel participating in the construction must be familiar with construction methods, technical requirements and corresponding quality control measures.

In the antiseptic storage tank construction process, only following the above points and operating in accordance with the correct regulations can ensure the smooth completion of the construction and improve work efficiency. Thank you for your reading. I hope you will gain something.