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Tin Cans Performance Characteristics

- Apr 28, 2018 -

The improvement of the quality of life, people's pursuit of materials, and the corresponding also led to the complexity of the various industries and linkages, the same also put forward a challenge to the quality of the corresponding products. Here we share with you the performance characteristics of tin cans:

Performance one: tinplate cans are tin plated on low carbon steel sheet.

Performance II: tin layer on the surface of tinplate can maintain a beautiful metallic luster.

Performance 3: The corrosion resistance of tin is better than that of iron, and it is almost harmless when dissolved into food.

Performance 4: tinplate is suitable for coating ink printing, can decorate the appearance, prevent containers from rusting.

Performance 5: The tinplate processing performance is good, can be made into a variety of shapes of containers, caps, etc. to meet the requirements of industrial production

Performance 6: Tin is a soft metal, tinplate can not be cracked or fall off due to the strong adhesion of tin plating during the canning process.