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Two-piece Cans Have The Following Advantages Over Three-piece Cans

- Apr 28, 2018 -

If the can body is seamless, the can body and the bottom of the can have no crimping seal, so the sealing is good, and the raw materials are saved; the tinplate can body can carry out full-area decoration printing; the canning procedure is simple and the efficiency is high. However, there are also deficiencies, such as the high performance requirements of can making materials, equipment investment is greater, canning technology, equipment and mold precision requirements are higher.

The type of two-piece cans: According to the height of the can body, there are shallow flush cans and deep-drawn cans; according to the cans, there are two aluminum cans and two tin cans (tin-plated tin cans); according to the tin can body forming method Thinning and deep drawing two-piece cans and deep-drawing drawing two-piece cans; according to the shape of cans, there are round cans and shaped cans.