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What Are The External Factors That Cause The Liquid In The PP Tank To Evaporate?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Evaporation is the main cause of fluid loss in the PP tank. Liquid storage evaporation is affected by many factors, among which external factors are mainly the following:

1. Temperature: The higher the temperature of the atmosphere and the liquid storage, the faster the storage liquid evaporates.

2 pressure capacity: PP tank pressure capacity is low, liquid storage evaporation speed, on the contrary, the evaporation rate is slow;

3. Vapor-phase space: The larger the vapor space above the liquid in the tank, the faster the evaporation rate of the liquid;

4. Sealing degree: Poor sealing of the PP can accelerate the evaporation of the liquid.

In addition, when the liquid in the PP tank is at the time of oil recovery, a certain concentration of oil vapor will be discharged from the breathing valve, and the exhaled oil vapor also causes evaporation loss of the liquid.